Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I constantly find myself with too many thoughts in my head. This is the first reason why I'm starting a blog. The second is that I often stalk out my friend's blog and she seems to get a lot of writing out her thoughts. We strangely seem to go through similar experiences and I feel at times she is saying the things I am too scared to write down.

This blog is not meant to be read by others, I picked an inconspicuous name so I will not be found by those I know. This blog is mostly for my own therapeutic purposes. I figure maybe if I write them down, I can figure out my feelings better. So welcome to my blog, anyone who might have somehow stumbled on here. There will be no exciting stories, no jokes, no attempts at being deep. Most of the time my thoughts come out all jumbled and hurried, and I'm sure this blog will be no exception.

Off to class